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Bensatankki Sporster Stock style 4,5g


Osasto: Avainsanat tuotteelle ,


4.5 Gallon. OEM style gas cap must be re-used. Stock style replacement fuel tank for fuel injected models. Tanks are compatible with stock fuel pumps. Approx. dimensions: Tank length: 54cm, Widest point: 38cm, Smallest point: 19cm, Bracket length center-center: 58cm, Approx. height: 21cm. Note: OEM style screw-in gas cap is required. Must be re-used or ordered separately. Note: It is advised to pressure test, seal and test fit all tanks before tanks are painted and installed. Some tanks are painted, but this coat is applied for rust prevention during storage only.

Fits: > 07-20 XL (excl. XL Forty Eight, XL1200X/V/CX); All 07-20 XL in custom applications